Our virtual Twomey Family Remorial Weekend

I am honestly overwhelmed at the amazing response to our events. Back in March when we sadly had to cancel our Twomey Family Remorial Weekend, which of course had to be done for Covid safety reasons, I was, needless to mention, emotional. I suppose my thinking was Our Beauties and their ‘Life Is Precious’ Legacy would be forgotten, which to me is a heartbreaking thought. Con, Baba Oisín and Little Lady were in my eyes, here for a reason and I think they have left their mark!

A few weeks ago, I was approached by some of our wonderful committee team about having a virtual Twomey Family Remorial, which I thought was a nice idea. We had medals ordered since January and I was anxious that charity money wouldn’t be wasted. The medals had the year on them. I spoke with Ronan & Co at my run results and they were amazing the way they helped us out. Owing to financial pressures on people we decided that we would not be fundraising for any charities this year and registration was Free. We had medals got for this year so if anyone wished, they could buy the medal at cost + postage to remember us by.

We invited people to join us in doing a 2k, 5k, 4 mile, Half -Marathon or Marathon Walk/Run or a 40K cycle over the days June 5th – 12th inclusive, adhering to government guidelines.

The response was absolutely amazing! We had amazing people across 19 counties of Ireland and in England, Wales, France, Holland, Australia and the US walk, run or cycle for Con, Baba Oisín and Little Lady. And by Saturday afternoon on June 6th, day 2 of our Virtual Twomey Family Remorial, the 150 medals were gone and people were enquiring if it were possible to get more.

On the Wednesday I got a beautiful message from inspirational Vicky Phelan who had walked for us. She had contacted me weeks before to say she would be with us virtually, what an incredible lady. And later John Wall very kindly did a 10k cycle and a walk, unreal.

On Friday night we closed our Twomey Family Remorial Virtual with a Virtual Table Quiz. Con’s brother-in-law Aonghus, runs a fantastic and hugely entertaining quiz each year. My brother Tomás always helps him with the technical side, and this year between them both they managed to run a highly entertaining night, which I think everyone enjoyed. The support and banter was fantastic.

The messages and photos that people posted on social media throughout the week, were honestly overwhelming. They were from the young and from the not so young, from people who are visually impaired and people who are wheelchair bound, from singles, couples and families, from great friends and relatives, all of whom took to the roads for Con, Baba Oisín and Little Lady. Truly amazing people!

I was worried that our Beauties would be forgotten and their legacy lost! However, because of all the amazing people who joined in, and took part in our 2020 Twomey Family Remorial, I honestly think their mark and message has travelled far wider, which in my eyes is very special!

Owing to all these amazing people joining in, a nice idea has become a powerful achievement, thanks to their support!

It is one I will treasure!!!